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Must Means Must

Must Means Must

The “musts” of the Bible need to be heeded today.

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“The Lord Fought for Israel”-Joshua 10:14

The Lord Fought for Israel

Joshua 10:14 (and many other passages) gives evidence that God fights for His people.  What can we do to make sure He will “fight” for us?  Let’s study!

5 I’s To Avoid

5 I’s To Avoid

If we want to be faithful Christians then we must know what to avoid.

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A Tale of Two Failures

A Tale of Two Failures

This is another installment of our Reading the Bible Series.  We are still in Mark…this week chapter 14.  Hope you enjoy.

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3 Essentials for Following Christ

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The Good Life

The Good Life

We are continuing our Reading Thru the Bible Series by looking in the first chapter of Deuteronomy.

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The Message of the New Testament