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Almost Persuaded…Almost But Lost

Almost Persuaded…Almost But Lost

We are in our 22 lesson in our Reading through the Bible series.  We looked at Acts 26 at one of the saddest passages in all scripture.


ICYC Lessons From the Book of James

ICYC Lessons from the Book of James

Every year I try to come back to my congregation and give an overview of the lessons we taught at camp the week before.  This year our theme was from the book of James.  I specifically looked at chapters 3 and 4 as we used these chapters in our classes.

“I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me”- Ps. 16

I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me

There are so many opportunities for us in the world to get further away from God.  But what can we do to get closer to Him?  The answer is found in Ps. 16.

“As Becometh Saints”

\”As Becometh Saints\”

Christians are to be different…different in the behavior, dress, speech, and other areas.  In other words, they are to be as becometh saints.

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Great Lessons from The Book of Job

Great Lessons from the Book of Job

This is another lesson in our series, Reading thru the Bible.  Here we are learning some valuable lessons from the book of Job.

When the Fire Burns Low

When The Fire Burns Low

We all lose our zeal at times but we can keep it going even when times are tough.

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The Tears of Jesus

The Tears of Jesus

Jesus show he was completely human by his tears.  Let’s notice some lessons concerning this.

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