About the Jackson church of Christ


The mission of the Jackson Church of Christ is to bring glory to God through Jesus Christ by teaching the Word of God in truth and love while striving to save the souls of the lost in the community and the world.


  • Supports full time minister in Mateo, Honduras
  • Assisting with support of minister in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Assisting a new congregation in Liberty, Texas
  • Conducting devotions for resid ents of the Jackson Health Care Facility
  • Assisting with support of children at the Childhaven Children’s Home




In the year 1947, Owen and Lomie Jones moved to Jackson. At that time there was not a congregation of the Church of Christ in the city. However, they did find six other members of the church living here. This group started meeting in the home of the Jones family. This was the beginning of the congregation of the Jackson Church of Christ.

Sometime during this period of time, a lady named Zeola Wilson purchased a tent for the church to use as a meeting place. Soon after then, Owen Jones purchased a lot on the corner of Oak and State Street and deeded it to the church to put the tent on. On this lot and with this donated tent, the first gospel meeting of the Jackson Church of Christ was conducted. Brother Leonard Johnson, who was one of the founders of Alabama Christian College, now Faulkner University in Montgomery, did the preaching.

In 1950 the Jones family moved back to Coffeeville. The other members of the church began worshiping with the congregation in Grove Hill and continued to worship there until July 1955.  On July 3, 1955, the church began to meet again in Jackson with Brother L. Sexton conducting a ten day gospel meeting under the above mentioned tent. The church met for a period of time in the home of members Marvin and Ruby Clyde Williams. The attendance on the first Sunday was seventeen and the contribution was $27.75.

Later, the Williams family moved out of town and the church started meeting in the home of Jack & Inez Wright, daughters Helen and Jackie. In the late summer or early fall of 1955 the members purchased property located at the intersection of Forest and College Avenue. An old service station building was then on the site and was remodeled to serve as a place for the church to assemble. By November they were conducting services in their new building. The building on the site mentioned was for a number of years the home of Jackson Saw Shop and now serves as a warehouse for Trisha’s Wedding & Party Rentals business. A new and better building for the church was a goal of the Jackson congregation and soon a new building program was underway.

Incidentally, the new building was erected next door to what was the old service station turned church building. The new building mentioned is now occupied by Trisha’s Wedding & Party Rentals. Fortunately, Brother Houston Eubanks, the church minister at the time, was a capable carpenter and Maynard Holder, now retired, a local highly respected and qualified carpenter, was hired to help with the work on the building. A considerable amount of the labor was donated by members of the congregation. The building was completed in January 1961 and Brother Eubanks continued to work with the Jackson congregation until late 1961.

Brother V. P. Black, minister and elder at the Plateau Church of Christ in Prichard, had preached in revivals in the Clarke County area for a number of years, beginning in the early 1950’s. Brother Black and Claude Counselman, a native of Clarke County and an elder at the Plateau church, were instrumental in motivating the congregation at Jackson to purchase property and consequently relocating to Highway 43 North. On October 24, 1969 property was purchased and plans for the church building along with a new house for the minister were underway. On August 9, 1970, the first service was held in the new church building. The dedication was held later on September 13, with over three hundred (300) in attendance. In less than ten years, the $90,000 bond program the congregation had obligated themselves for was repaid in full.

The Jackson Church of Christ is a congregation of faithful Christians who love the Lord’s Word and His work. Their desire is to teach God’s Word to the lost in the world and to pray for their obedience to His every command. The congregation continues to grow spiritually and to enjoy a loving fellowship with one another.

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