“Back to the Basics” of SALVATION

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BTB of Salvation

Here is another lesson in our “Back to the Bible” Series.  Many today need to go back and take another look at this topic.  The Bible is very direct on this matter but some have been misguided.  Let’s notice what the Bible says about salvation.


“Back to the Basics” of the BIBLE

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BTB of the Bible

The basics that one needs to know can start simply at the Bible.  It has weathered the test of time and it is still on top.  We need to “listen” to God as he speaks to us today.  Let’s look at a few things concerning His book.

GTW-to Study Like the Bereans

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GTW to Study Like Bereans

Last week I introduced a theme I am using for this year.  It is Going Out of Your Way (GTW).  Today I want to focus on how we should be going out of our way to study like the Bereans.  Open your Bibles to Acts 17:10-12 and join me as we study God’s word.

“Back to the Basics” of CHRIST

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Back to the Basics of Christ

This is the beginning of a new series I began last Sunday morning.  We need to go “back to the basics” from time to time so that we can stay grounded in the truth of God’s word.  Let’s begin by looking at Christ and how we must never forget Him.


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The server that I have been putting my sermons on closed so you can no longer listen to them at this time.  I am currently looking at moving everything to another server.  Lord willing we will be up and going after the 1st of January.

Brian Gentle

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Going Out of Your Way

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Going Out of Your Way

This is the theme I am using for 2012.  The good Samaritan (Luke 10:30ff) went out of his way to help the man who had been left for dead.  What does it mean to go out of your way for Christ?  For the next several Sunday nights will be noticing different aspects of the Christian life which we need to be sure we are “going out of our way” for.

Beginning a New Year

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Beginning a New Year

I hope everyone is have a wonder new year.  God is great and has blessed us with another year.  This lesson is designed to help us be a better Christian in 2012.  Hope you enjoy.

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