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What Time is It?

Do you know the time?  This question is asked everyday.  However we need to know the time spiritually.  Why?  We do not know when our “time” is up.

What Time Is It?

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David & Goliath

One of the most known stories in the Old Testament, the story of David & Goliath continues to give us some great insight into faith and God’s requirement of it.

David & Goliath

This is our 14th installment in the “Reading the Bible” Series.

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Johnny Ramsey lesson on the Message of the NT

Message of the NT Books

This is a must listen too. Many of you know Johnny Ramsey. He was a great man. Take the time to listen to this great man.

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Why I Think Life Is Great!

Life is great not matter what situation I am facing.  Why?  Let’s notice…

Why Life Is Great

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Ruth, The Story of Love

Love is not portrayed any better in the Old Testament than in the story of Ruth.  It is seen in several ways.  Let’s notice them…

Ruth, The Story of Love

This is our 13th installment in the “Reading the Bible” series.

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It Ain’t over Till It’s Over

With victory just over the “horizon”, all Christian need to remain steadfast in their faith.

It Ain\’t Over Till It\’s Over

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The Temptation of Christ

The Temptation of Christ

This is our 12th study in our Reading the Bible series.   Christ was tempted as we yet without sin.

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