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Looking Beyond Ourselves

Looking Beyond Ourselves

Sometimes we are just too near-sighted.  We never look further than ourselves.  To be a Christian one must look beyond themselves.  Let’s take a look at Paul and learn how he looked beyond.


Bible Sounds

Bible Sounds

Of course we are not talking about physical sounds but the Bible does talk about certain “sounds.”  Let’s notice them…

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One Thing

One Thing

We are admonished several times in scripture to pay attention “one thing.”   That means it must be important.  Let’s look at a few…

Fill It Up

Fill It Up

We are scarce about saying those words at the gas pump these days but spiritually we should be “filling” our lives up with some things.  Let’s notice them…

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What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect

Even though we are not fortune tellers (and should not even try to be) we do at times expect some things.  For example we expect to get paid once we have fulfilled our obligation with our occupation.  Are there things that we should expect concerning heaven?  Let’s see…


Jesus’ Resurrection = Our Hope

Jesus Resurrection =_Our Hope

During this time of year many are focused on Christ’s resurrection.  Even though this “holiday” is not Biblical (i.e not a once a year observance but a weekly observance) it is a time to know that there is great hope because of His resurrection.  Let look at what hope we have…

“Back to the Basics” of SALVATION

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BTB of Salvation

Here is another lesson in our “Back to the Bible” Series.  Many today need to go back and take another look at this topic.  The Bible is very direct on this matter but some have been misguided.  Let’s notice what the Bible says about salvation.