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Heaven’s Anxiety Over the Lost

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Heaven\’s Anxiety Over the Lost

This is one of my granddad’s sermons (Floyd Gentle) that he preached back in the late 70’s.  I am not sure if it originated with him or not but he had it typed on smaller paper where it could be put in a small 3 ringed binder.  There are several more of his sermons in this binder and I have 2 more binders to look through.  Hopefully I will be preaching some more of his sermons in the near future.


If Any Man Glory

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If Any Man Glory

This is another lesson in our Reading the Bible Series.  We are in Jeremiah 9:23-24.  Let’s look at this wonderful text.

“They Made Light of IT”

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They Made Light of It

In Matthew 22:1-14 Jesus pictures the kingdom of heaven as a great marriage feast to which men had been invited.  However, those who were first invited (the Jews) “made light” of the invitation.  Because of their rejecting the invitation, there were destroyed and others were invited (those Gentiles and others) and accepted the invitation.  There are some things we are not to make light of.  Let’s notice them.

Daylight Disciples

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Daylight Disciples

Paul tells the church at Thessalonica (in 1 Thess. 5:5-8) they are children of light.  These disciples were to be people of the “light”…i.e they were to possess the characteristics that showed distinguished them from darkness (sin) to “light” (righteousness).  Let’s notice some.

He Shall Not Fail

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He Shall Not Fail

We are in Isaiah 42 in our “Reading Thru the Bible Series.”  Let’s look at the admonition and promise given.

“…As It Is In Heaven”

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\”…As it is in Heaven\”

One part of Jesus’ prayer in Matt 6:10 says, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Let’s notice what things should be like here, “as it is heaven.”

The JOY of Christianity

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The JOY of Christianity

This is another lesson in our series, “Reading Thru the Bible.”  Joy is mentioned several times in this short letter.  Let’s look at this letter as a whole to see how we can be a joyful people.